Baby Einstein Magic Touch Xylophone


Features: Made for little maestros with 2 ways to play: Instructor mode or Freestyle mode.
Wooden toy with Magic Touch technology plays real instrument sounds with just a touch.
30+ melodies and sounds delight baby.
Coloured lights and keys encourage color learning.
Helps teach cause and effect.
Volume control for mum and dad.
Product Description: Baby’s tiniest touch of a bright coloured key will kick off a one-of-a-kind symphony with the Magic Touch Xylophone.
Made of wood, this twist on a classic toy plays real music using the same innovative Magic Touch technology found on the award winning Baby Einstein™ Magic Touch Piano.
Two modes of play encourage development of fine motor skills as baby practices tapping out new tunes.
In Instructor mode, she’ll discover new songs as she follows coloured lights that show the next note in the song to tap.
Or she’ll focus on moving to her own groove in Freestyle mode.
With a push of the blue button, this toddler toy gives baby the power to be the star of her own show.
The 30+ melodies and sounds means she’ll spend hours identifying new rhythms and patterns.
This instrument isn’t just made for music; it’s a powerful developmental toy!
Volume control can help you turn things down when your little one plays long after the encore.

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